Our recent Ofsted inspection highlighted the following strengths:

  • Children are happy, have fun and engage in a wide range of stimulating and enjoyable
  • Children are confident, eager to attend and talk very highly of their club because of the
    close bonds they establish with staff and their key person.
  • Staff know their key children's individual learning needs very well and plan challenging
    one-to-one activities that cleverly encourage children's writing and number skills.
  • Partnerships with the school, children's teachers and parents are well established to
    promote consistency and progression for children.
    (Ofsted, May 2013)

Since re-registering as a single site childcare setting, at the Embridge Junior school site, we were subject to a new Ofsted inspection. This latest inspection took place on 14th May 2013.

For more information on the Ofsted inspection please click here

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